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Corporate Solutions

Conscious Corporate Gifts for Clients and Employees

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to create connections with clients, potential customers, and employees alike. However, not all corporate gifting strategies are created equal. If you’re the lead on your next corporate gifting campaign, you might want to ask: Do our gifts receive the response we hope for? Does what we’re giving align with our company’s values? Are the gifts exciting and thoughtful, or are they the standard, mass-made products? What kind of impact do these gifts have on their recipients, the community, and the world?
Fundraising Tips

Storytelling: The Best Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the specific cause at hand, one thing remains the same. In order to create an impact, it’s necessary to use effective nonprofit marketing strategies to reach and unite motivated, invested supporters that want to see the same change. The simple yet powerful gift of storytelling can make the difference in gaining a one-time donor or creating a community dedicated to social change.
Brand Spotlight

Brand Highlight: Conscious Coffees Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

This month, we are happy to feature Conscious Coffees - a Colorado-based roasting company that is giving back to the community on a local and global level while doing everything they can to make greener coffee. Their coffee is certified organic and “beyond Fair Trade,” and they specialize in roasting single-origin coffees from small-scale farms around the world.