How and Where to Share Online Fundraisers for Nonprofits

How and Where to Share Online Fundraisers for Nonprofits

Donor360 eCommerce fundraisers help to raise funds for worthy causes while supporting ethical, eco-friendly brands. This can be a real selling point when raising money for a cause. You’re not just asking for people to donate—you’re inviting them to buy products from ethical brands, and support a cause in the process! The key is to know how and where to share your fundraiser for maximum engagement. 

Ways to Share Your Fundraisers for Nonprofits

Think of sharing your fundraiser as an opportunity to educate and excite supporters about the many ways that the campaign is doing good in the world. When telling people about your fundraiser, think about it as sharing a story. Give details about the ways that the charity is making a difference, and share stories about specific people, animals, or ways they’ve helped. You can also share facts and figures from the brands you’ve chosen to vend in your fundraiser. Have a look at their brand page on Donor360 to find out their specific impacts.  

Below are some fun ideas of where to share your next fundraiser. All the different sharing options will have slightly different ways to share best, but always keep in mind to speak to peoples’ hearts and emotions! 

When choosing where to share your campaign, think about who you want to reach and choose a way that makes sense for them. For example, young adult donors are more inspired to give through social media, while older generations respond better to emails.

Create a Facebook Group or Event

A Facebook group or event page can be a great place to grab your friends’ attention and build excitement around your cause. Here, you can invite people who you think will resonate with your cause and ask them to invite their friends as well. You can post updates about how your fundraiser is doing, remind people to keep giving and share special details about products or the cause. Make sure your campaign link is clearly visible on the page and invite the group to share the link on their social media as well. 

Share Your Fundraiser on Linkedin

Sharing your fundraiser on Linkedin will give your professional network an opportunity to contribute to your fundraiser. If you have added things like seed pencils and organic coffee to your eCommerce fundraiser, you can invite corporations or businesses to buy some office supplies from your fundraiser. Getting businesses involved can be a good way to increase the number of donations and orders you receive because they may be able to afford larger orders than individual donors. 

Get Your Co-workers Involved 

Instead of just asking your coworkers to support your fundraiser, you can ask them to fundraise with you! You can use fundraising as a teambuilding exercise by creating teams and seeing who can raise the most money. You can also ask your office manager if they can purchase some office supplies from your fundraiser.  

Write the Fundraiser Link in Interesting Places

The advertising industry tells us that the more times someone sees your brand’s image, the more likely they are to remember and come back to it. Get your fundraiser out and in front of as many people as possible by displaying your link everywhere! Hang up posters around town, ask local businesses to display the fundraiser information to their guests, or create stickers to be passed out. 

Share Your Fundraiser in Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups are a great place to connect with others who support the same cause or share similar values. Search for groups in your local area that may be interested in participating in your fundraiser or even collaborating. National and global groups can also provide huge audiences of potential supporters.  

Create a Pin

Tcho Chocolate's Impact shows $10,000 donated per year to the African Cocoa Initiative II

Use an eye-catching photograph or graphic about your fundraiser or cause and pin it to Pinterest. Remember that Pinterest is visual, so make sure that your pin is attractive and engaging. You could use a fact that has something to do with your cause or a picture of the amazing products with a statistic about how they are ethically made. You can make more than one Pin, and use different tags to get them seen across many boards. Link the Pin to your fundraiser so people can immediately find out more and have the chance to shop and support. 

Team Up with the Brands You Feature in Your Fundraiser

In your Donor360 fundraiser, you’ll have the chance to include goods like Fair Trade chocolate and organic coffee. The brands on Donor360 are committed to doing good by the Earth and its people, and their customers are as well. They more than likely would love to help you with your fundraiser. You can reach out to the brands you’re featuring and ask them to feature your campaign on their social media, in their next newsletter, or on their website. 

Make Flyers with QR Codes 

It’s important to make your fundraiser as easy as possible to find. Using QR codes on flyers, posters, and even stickers will make it super easy for people to reach your fundraising page. There are many sites that generate QR codes for free. 

Encourage Your Network to Start Fundraisers of their Own 

Sharing your fundraiser with friends, family, coworkers, and employees will help you make the biggest impact. You can amplify this by asking everyone who donates to start fundraisers of their own. Every time someone new starts a fundraiser, the tree supporting the cause gets a bit bigger and its branches touch more people. By powerfully sharing the cause you care so much about, you can ignite a movement of people who care and want to make a difference as you do. 

To start your own eCommerce fundraising campaign for a cause you care about, register here. 


Kristen Koester-Smith


How and Where to Share Online Fundraisers for Nonprofits
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