New Ethical Coffee Brands Added to the Donor360 Marketplace

New Ethical Coffee Brands Added to the Donor360 Marketplace

Donor360 believes that ethical, eco-friendly, and responsible products are the only option when fundraising via commerce. Selling coffee is a popular fundraising strategy amongst PTAs, churches, and clubs. However, coffee has a history of treating farmers unfairly and disregarding the care of the environment. 

Various environmental and human rights issues are deeply intertwined with coffee production. Slavery, child labor, animal exploitation, pollution, and the destruction of wildlife are just a few of the serious byproducts of the world’s obsession with coffee. 

That’s why we have recently added four innovative, ethical coffee brands to our curated catalog. We worked hard to find the best USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and sustainable coffee brands to work with and provide you to fundraise with. Read more about each of these special ethical coffee companies below. We think you'll love them!

Conscious Coffees

Conscious Coffees Product offering on Donor360

Conscious Coffees is a Colorado-based roaster committed to creating a socially responsible cup of coffee. As a Certified B Corporation, Conscious Coffees makes it their mission to give back to their community, the environment and their workers through ethical and eco-friendly business practices. In 2021, they were ranked in the top 5% of all Certified B Corps internationally as a Best for the World winner. Conscious Coffees works with Cooperative Coffees to import their green coffee beans to promote lasting trade relationships that benefit small-scale farmers. 

Conscious Coffees source their green coffee beans from small-scale farms around the world. One of these delicious brews, Ethiopian Single Origin Coffee, comes from the Telamo Co-op in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. This is the second-largest Co-op in this area of the country with over 4,000 members. By enjoying a cup of Ethiopian Single Origin, you are helping the Telamo Co-op provide fair wages and improve the local Ethiopian community. 

Dark Star House Blend is another great choice for those who love a heavier-bodied cup of coffee. This blend comes from various beans in Latin America. Its richness makes it great to enjoy on its own or with a healthy dose of heavy cream.

Equal Exchange

As an entirely worker-owned cooperative, each employee at Equal Exchange owns a share of the company. Since 1986 they have been revolutionaries in Free Trade coffee in the US market. Equal Exchange is dedicated to supporting the growth and stability of small-scale farms around the world and has teamed up with other like-minded organizations to promote these ideals.

Equal Exchange’s coffee is some of the best around. As they put it, “Our coffee embodies our collective beliefs in sustainability and human dignity—No surprise why it tastes so good!”

Their Organic Love Buzz Coffee is a proven crowd-favorite due to its sweet yet complex flavor notes that make it an easy cup to enjoy. The Organic French Roast is a dark roast suitable for those that love a dense mouthfeel of rich chocolate fudge. Rest assured there are no added flavors or sugars in these delicious coffees, the sweet and satisfying taste is all-natural.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

If you are a dog lover and a coffee enthusiast, Grounds & Hounds Coffee is for you! In 2012 founder Jordan Karcher stumbled upon a special pup who became his companion and inspired a coffee brand dedicated to saving some of the two million dogs euthanized each year. Grounds & Hounds Coffee donates 20% of its profits to canine rescue programs across the US. Instead of simply working to increase adoption rates, these innovative programs utilize initiatives that lower the overall number of dogs who need to be taken into shelters. 

Grounds & Hounds coffee beans come from all over the world and are USDA Certified Organic and sourced according to Fair Trade standards. The coffee is roasted in small batches in the US, guaranteeing quality and rich flavor in each sip. Morning Walk Breakfast Blend™ is a mild, light roast that makes the perfect pair for a morning stroll with your four-legged friend. Alpha Blend™ Dark Roast has been G&H’s top-selling blend since day one. Featuring beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, this coffee is a go-to for all dark roast coffee lovers. 

Counter Culture Coffee

Our last, but not least, new ethical coffee supplier, Counter Culture Coffee, has been pushing the limits of the coffee industry since they began in 1995. In 1997 CCC introduced one of the first-ever shade-grown coffees with the intention of making the industry more bird-friendly. Since then they have continued to challenge traditional coffee-making methods by working “beyond Fair Trade” through direct relationships with farmers. We chose to work with CCC because they are happy to pay more for their beans as it greatly benefits farmers and provides customers with a higher-quality product.

At one point, Counter Culture Coffee had over 100 different coffees on the list of its offerings. They have trimmed down and perfected this list while preserving the favorites. Forty-Six is the best-selling blend that is perfect for those who love a dark, sweet, and smokey roast. Another popular blend is Fast Forward, which offers a constantly-changing combination of peak-season beans from Central America. Farmers and roasters work hard to consistently provide a balance of nutty and sweet flavors that Latin American coffee is known for. 

Making the World a Better Place with Each Sip

Although we each enjoy our cup a little differently, we can choose to make a difference for farmers and the environment depending on where we buy our coffee. Donor360 has worked hard to curate a catalog full of products you can feel confident about fundraising with. You can do more than just help your own organization by reselling products that serve the earth and its people, such as ethical coffee from these awesome suppliers. 

If you are interested in featuring these innovative brands on your charity or nonprofit’s Donor360 eShop, learn more by contacting our fundraising synergist and storyteller 


Mackenzie Perry


New Ethical Coffee Brands Added to the Donor360 Marketplace
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