eShop Highlight: Saving Penguins

eShop Highlight: Saving Penguins

Donor360 provides nonprofits and advocates a modern method to effectively fundraise for all kinds of causes. Donor360’s unique approach combines the concepts of GoFundMe and Amazon with a curated catalog of exclusively ethical, organic, Fair Trade, and cruelty-free products. The platform is an ecosystem where nonprofits, advocates, conscious-minded corporations, and forward-thinking brands can all benefit from one another. 

Over $14,000 of Ethical Goods Sold in Just a Few Days

Saving Penguins is a nonprofit whose mission is to save the rapidly declining population of African Penguins. They created their Donor360 fundraising eShop in 2022 and are already seeing massive success. In just a few days, Saving Penguins was able to raise over $14,000 for their African Penguin Nest Project. In their eShop, they sell exclusive, branded, organic apparel and plush toys, as well as specially-designed penguin nests to raise money to save African Penguins from extinction.

Each time a supporter purchases an organic cotton t-shirt, Saving Penguins receives 50% of the purchase price. When supporters purchase an organic cotton penguin plushie, the organization receives 100% of the product value. The funds are sent directly to the Dallas Zoo, which funds the African Penguin Nest Project. 

Penguin lovers are also able to sponsor specially-designed “penguin nests,” that are made to mimic the nests penguins use in the wild. Because of the changing climate and human involvement, the natural material that African Penguins used to build their nests is no longer available. Conservationists spent years designing man-made nests that could provide a safe and comfortable home for penguins to breed and live in. These homes are now saving many penguins from perishing in the harsh, hot South African climate, and hopefully will help bring the penguins’ dwindling population back from the brink of extinction. 

Fundraising Made Easy

Saving Penguins is just one example of how Donor360’s unique approach to fundraising can make a huge difference for nonprofits and their projects. Donor360 is completely free to use, making it an extremely powerful and accessible tool for fundraising. Setting up a shop takes only a few minutes, and shops can be embedded directly into an organization’s website. If you are ready to start earning more funds for a cause you care about, register today and open a new avenue of fundraising through ethical eCommerce. 


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Donor360 is a turnkey ethical eCommerce platform that enables charities and their advocates to fundraise by vending organic and Fair Trade products to conscious consumers.


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