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Meet Kathy and Tony: Kathy is the sales lead and Tony is the marketing lead at their technology consulting firm, SimplifyNext, in Austin, Texas.

Kathy and Tony have practiced corporate gifting for years, but haven’t seen much positive response from their clients. They feel it’s due to the generic gift offerings that don’t leave a quality impression.

They create a meaningful gifting campaign on Donor360 this year—one that will add value to the lives of their clients and support a local education charity with their purchase.


When their customized gifts are delivered, an impact
statement is inside the box.

Helped support 20 local jobs

Supported 15 Fair Trade Coffee Farmers in Guatemala

Prevented 10 lbs of chemicals from entering the eco-system

Gave $5,000 to 21st Academy, a local education non-profit


“Thank you, QuickClick, for your care and donation. With your help, we will be able to finally break ground on our new co-learning lab! We’re exhilarated and so excited to see students take full advantage of this space.”

- Nicholle Walton-Durban, THEAcademy Founder



Kathy & Tony are thrilled to receive thank you emails and calls from over 50% of the clients they sent gifts to. QuickClick’s brand value increases due to their community engagement and they gain even more new clients.


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