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Employee Gifting Campaigns

Corporations HRCorporations HR

Meet Sarah & Michael: Sarah is the HR director and Michael is the wellness director at a Reno-based private hospital.

Sarah and Michael are put in charge of this quarter’s employee gift. Sarah and Michael feel that the employee gifts they’ve given and received in the past have been cheap and not heart-felt.

Sarah and Michael find gifts on Donor360 that reflect their company values—health, community, and sustainability.

They donate 30% of the total price of their order to a local charity that provides help to families without insurance.

Team LunchTeam Lunch

Their employees love their organic and vegan truffles and start bringing their engraved eco-friendly and toxin-free lunch boxes to work to cut down on waste.

Thank you noteThank you note

They receive a note from the charity’s director. ‘Thank you for your donation! Because of you, we’re able to help three people get their insulin supply for a whole year.’


Helped support 20 local jobs

Supported 15 Fair Trade Coffee Farmers in Guatemala

Prevented 10 lbs of chemicals from entering the eco-system

Gave $5,000 to 21st Academy, a local education non-profit

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