5 Easy Steps to Start a Fundraising Campaign

5 Easy Steps to Start a Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising on Donor360 is not only fun and free, but it’s also incredibly easy! In this blog, we’ll go over how to start your first campaign, so you can quickly start raising funds for your non-profit or for a charity you support!

To get started you’ll first need an account. If you don’t have a Donor360 account yet, sign up here.

Once you’ve logged into your Donor360 account, you’re ready to start your first fundraising campaign. From your Donor360 dashboard, click ‘Start New Campaign.’ This will bring you to our beautiful campaign builder. As you begin to populate the entry forms, you’ll begin to see your campaign page preview take form on the right side of the screen. Use the arrow in the upper middle part of the screen to toggle back and forth between mobile and desktop views. Then, follow the steps below to create your first campaign!

1. Enter the Charity You Want to Support

From the dropdown list, you’ll select which charity you want to support. Their name, EIN, and address will populate as you begin to type. If you don’t see the charity you want to support, try using the exact name they use for their tax returns. You can use GuideStar’s free search to help you find their exact name. If you still can’t find the charity you want to support on our database, they may not be recognized as a 503(1)(C) tax-exempt entity yet. Email us at sydney@donorthreesixty.com for more information.

2. Craft Creative Campaign Details

Next, enter a creative campaign name. We recommend using something that has to do with what you’re raising money for, a seasonal or holiday focus, or just something simple and fun.

Examples are:

  • New Year Pick-Me-Up for a campaign featuring coffee
  • An Even Sweeter Valentine’s Day for a seasonal campaign featuring chocolates and teddy bears
  • St. Mary School’s Scholarship Fundraiser for a campaign benefiting a school’s scholarship fund

Below, pick a URL for your campaign - something that is easy to say and remember so people can find your campaign directly. We recommend using the name of your fundraiser. Enter your fundraiser goal, start date, and end date. Finally, write a paragraph or two about the organization you’re raising money for, why people should support them, and something fun about this fundraiser in particular. Click next when you’re done.

3. Add Photos and Media

Next, you’ll come to the media section of your campaign. Here, you can choose photos to add to your campaign page. We recommend using high-quality images that showcase what you are raising money for or something that has to do with the theme of your fundraiser. You can select up to five images. You can also enter a video here by entering an embed code from a video hosting source.

4. Pick the Products

One of the most exciting parts of building a fundraising campaign with Donor360 is choosing which products you’d like to sell. Our catalog is full of amazing USDA-certified organic and Fair Trade products that are good for the earth and people! You can pick up to six products to vend for each fundraiser. We recommend picking products that have to do with your theme, such as chocolates and teddy bears for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

5. Submit Your Campaign for Review

After you’ve filled out all of your campaign details and picked your products, go over the campaign preview to make sure everything looks correct. When you’re satisfied with your campaign, click ‘Submit Details.’ Our campaign specialists will review your campaign for authenticity and will approve it within 24 hours.

6. Share It and Watch the Funds Come In

Once your campaign is approved, you’ll be able to share the page link on your social media pages, in newsletters, and on your website. From your Donor360 dashboard, you’ll be able to see details about your campaign, like how much you’ve raised and who has donated. Happy fundraising! Need more help? Get in touch with one of our campaign specialists at kristen@donorthreesixty.com.


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Donor360 is a turnkey ethical eCommerce platform that enables charities and their advocates to fundraise by vending organic and Fair Trade products to conscious consumers.


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