Abintra Montessori PTA Case Study

Abintra Montessori PTA Case Study Hero


Abintra Montessori is a small school of 91 students. Abintra PTA needs to raise money so it can offer tuition assistance to families who need it and professional development to their staff. One of Abintra PTA’s main concerns about raising money is to not put too much burden on parents by asking for donations on top of tuition. 

Abintra Montessori is a science-based school that em- phasizes meeting the challenges of life with creativity and confidence. Things like climate change, racial equity, and social responsibility are core values of the school. In order to fundraise in alignment with their values, Abintra PTA needed access to ethical products from local and Fair Trade brands. 


Donor360 provided an online platform for Abintra to run their Coffee & Cocoa Christmas Fundraiser: Up to 50% of sales went to the PTA, and supporters had the option to add a cash donation. 

Donor360 helped Abintra PTA exceed its fundraising expectations by:

>>Providing a catalog of awesome Fair Trade and organic products

By selling products that are good for the earth and good for people, Abintra was able to stay aligned with its mission and values. 

>>Making it incredibly easy for Abintra PTA to share its campaign

Donor360’s share campaign link worked seamlessly for Abintra PTA to share their campaign link in emails, newsletters, and on their website and social channels.

>>Presenting an option for an additional cash donation at checkout

By displaying various preset cash donation amounts next to the checkout button on the fundraiser page, Abintra PTA was able to raise an extra $750.

>>Offering nationwide shipping

By offering to ship anywhere in the United States, Abintra was able to expand its fundraising reach to grandparents, family, and friends out-of-state.

>>Dropshipping orders in bulk to the PTA office

Supporters in the local area were able to select ‘free pickup' from the PTA office. Donor360 pre-packaged and separated the orders, so PTA members didn’t need to volunteer their time to sort orders.

>>Supplying each purchaser with a donation receipt automatically

Every campaign supporter received a donation receipt for tax deductions, with no extra effort from Abintra.


Abintra PTA raised over $1800 in just two weeks and received 32 orders that included 114 products in total. Forty percent of purchasers added a cash donation at checkout. On average, Abintra supporters donated an extra $60 in cash

“I think this could be huge for us. I know for a fact that we could use help with raising funds. I think having the potential for an online presence that is more year-round with Donor360 would be great.” - Emi Canahuati, Abintra PTA member


Donor Three Sixty Inc.

Donor360 is a turnkey ethical eCommerce platform that enables charities and their advocates to fundraise by vending organic and Fair Trade products to conscious consumers.