Scarlett's Teddy Bear Fundraiser To Help Keep Our Kids Safe
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I know more than anyone that 'we' are responsible for our children's safety in schools. When my 6-year-old son, Jesse, was murdered in his 1st-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I dedicated my life to being part of the solution. Social and Emotional Learning cultivates a safe, compassionate and loving culture, which is the #1 way to have a safe school by creating safety from the inside out! 

Please help me be part of the solution! The opposite of anxiety is action! By purchasing a bear, you are providing children with essential life skills that teach how to have healthy relationships, manage emotions, be resilient and grow through challenges, responsible decision making, and more! 

The Choose Love Enrichment Program is now being taught in every state over 90 countries and had positively impacted millions of lives. We are the only no-cost lifespan program including homes and communities.  Join the movement to Choose Love, and let's create a world that Chooses Love. 


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