African penguins face long odds – but new homes can stack the deck
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Standing amidst an African penguin colony 100 years ago, you would be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of vibrant birds braying, fighting, splashing and hunting as they raised their chicks in vast groups. Now, with less than 1% left, there is no time to delay – we must take immediate and significant action, or wild African penguins will be silenced forever.

Human actions led to this edge of extinction, but we also capable of preventing this unfathomable loss. Working with a dedicated team of conservationists, we have developed an artificial nest that mimics guano nesting sites stripped away across South Africa in decades past.

Lacking guano burrows, penguins face nearly insurmountable odds in rearing their offspring. But with your help, we can build and install enough artificial nests to provide homes for penguins in need.

Silent shores barren of the haunting brays and softly floating downy feathers of these iconic birds ­just isn’t an option.

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