How do PTAs & PTOs raise money safely during COVID19?

How do PTAs & PTOs raise money safely during COVID19?

This year has been challenging for us all, and as we begin this new school year parents, teachers, and schools are faced with new obstacles daily. Parents are working full time while helping their kids with online schooling, teachers and kids are adjusting to their online classrooms, and administrators are charged with ensuring the school year runs smoothly amidst a global pandemic.  

Alongside this, PTAs are facing pressures of their own. Across the nation, schools depend on the fundraising arm of their PTAs to supplement school resources and meet the needs of all students. Fundraising during this pandemic has been limited and challenging, as PTAs are unable to conduct events and gather as a group to raise funds like before. This has left many wondering: How do PTAs and PTOs raise money safely during Covid-19? 

How to Raise Money For Your PTA Safely During Covid-19

Faced with these new challenges, PTAs are being asked to be adaptable with their approaches and adopt new, innovative ways to fundraise. PTAs and PTOs can level up their fundraising abilities by utilizing online technology and harnessing the power of the Internet. This will enable them to build an online donor base and fundraise for their PTA/PTO safely during Covid-19.

In the past, many PTAs have relied on door-to-door fundraising, vending candy and wrapping paper, and auctions and events to raise money. The goal this year is to raise money safely in a socially distant manner and yet still unite as a community.  

By moving to an online fundraising platform, your PTA/PTO can keep in communication with your supporters, raise money without putting anyone's health at risk, and begin to build an online donor base. However, most online platforms are not designed to support PTA/PTOs in particular. 

Donor360 recognizes the difficulties that PTAs and PTOs are up against this year and have specifically implemented features to meet their needs. 

The Advantages of Fundraising with Donor360

Donor360 is a turnkey eCommerce FUNdraising platform for PTAs and charities. With Donor360, PTAs and charities can easily start eCommerce fundraising campaigns by vending USDA organic and Fair Trade certified chocolates, coffee, and more. We have ensured that our platform recognizes all PTA/PTOs with 501(c)(3) tax exemption so that you can raise money for your organization seamlessly. 

Utilizing all the advantages of Donor360 can help your organization meet and even succeed your fundraising goals. With Donor360, you can:

  • Start online fundraising campaigns with a few clicks - Our platform makes it easy and quick to start a fundraiser. Our design features allow you to see how your campaign page will look in real-time and helps you create eye-catching pages optimized to increase giving amounts. 
  • Inspire your community and supporters to start campaigns of their own - Anyone can start a fundraiser that benefits your organization with Donor360. Having your network raise funds for you can help boost your revenue with no extra work on your end. 
  • Sell amazing USDA organic, fair trade products - Donor360's product catalog includes coffee, chocolates, plush toys, hand-crafted gifts, and more. When you vend these products, you're also supporting sustainable brands that provide fair living wage jobs and are good for the environment. 
  • Be social distance savvy with direct-to-supporter contactless delivery options - We give you shipping options that work best for your organization. You can opt to send all items from a particular fundraiser to your school or PTA office or you can select contactless delivery to each individual supporter. 
  • Earn 30% to 50% of the sales - Many of the vendors that PTA/PTOs often work with offer 5-10% of profits. With Donor360, you can earn up to 50% of the profits from your sales, helping you raise more than ever before. 
  • Easily collect additional donations during checkout - Our campaign pages include an option for supporters to add cash donations to their purchases. One hundred percent of this amount will go directly to your organization. 
  • Start building a Donorbase to retarget for additional purchases and donations - With Donor360, you can collect user-approved data, in order to easily contact donors in the future about new fundraisers and to ask for further donations. 

In addition to all of this, your supporters will automatically receive an IRS Tax donation receipt with every purchase!

Get the Help and Support You Need

Interested in leveraging the power of Donor360 for your fundraising efforts this year? Sign up here or reach out to our support team with any questions at We are passionate about helping PTAs and PTOs get the funds they need this year. 


Donor Three Sixty Inc.

Donor360 is a turnkey ethical eCommerce platform that enables charities and their advocates to fundraise by vending organic and Fair Trade products to conscious consumers.


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