5 Alternatives to Volunteering During Covid-19

5 Alternatives to Volunteering During Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted many areas of philanthropy, from live fundraising auctions to in-person volunteering. It’s more challenging today to volunteer or put together an event because of the need for social distancing. Due to this great limitation, nonprofits and organizations need help now more than ever before.

In a survey conducted in December 2020, Charities Aid Foundation of America reported that 93% of the 805 organizations surveyed had been negatively affected post-pandemic. The organizations reported that the biggest disruptions due to Covid-19 were in regards to reduced financial support and sustained travel limitations. With fundraising and in-person events canceled, 92% of the respondents reported that they had shifted much of their operations online.   

Whether you consistently volunteered before the pandemic, or you are just dipping your toes into getting involved with a cause, Donor360 gives you options to support your favorite charity, without needing to leave home. Here are some ways you can support causes you care about through our ethical eCommerce platform. 

1. Do Your Online Shopping through Fundraisers

Online fundraising is prevalent now more than ever, for it expands the campaign’s audience while creating a strong online presence. In 2017, online revenue increased 23% from online fundraising. As in-person fundraising events are rarely happening these days, one of the easiest ways to support your favorite charities on Donor360 is to shop for what you already need on fundraising campaign pages. The Donor360 catalog includes great gift items, such as organic stuffed animals and handmade bracelets. Oftentimes, charities will run fundraisers for specific needs or goals, enabling you to choose which specific cause you want to contribute to. By buying from an online fundraising campaign, you can help contribute to the greater good without leaving your home. 

You can buy from Donor360 campaigns, which feature organic and Fair Trade certified brands, that support a particular charity struggling during this time. Up to 50% of your purchase with Donor360 will go straight to the organization it supports. Voting with your dollar—choosing ethical and sustainable places to spend your money—is a huge way to support charities.

2. Add a Cash Donation at Checkout

With Donor360, you can add a cash donation at checkout on top of your purchase of a product. Adding a cash donation is another wonderful way to continue supporting your favorite charity. From a $5 to a $50 additional donation-- every bit counts. This amount goes directly to the organization in full. Therefore, you know exactly how much you are giving.

3. Share Campaigns with Your Followers

Social media is a critical tool of communication and the spread of information. When you share a campaign, you are spreading awareness to those who follow you. Exposing the campaign to your network will influence people to get involved and will help immensely in your outreach. Sharing a charity’s campaign to wide audiences is one of the best ways to support them. With Donor360 you can do this by clicking on “Share this Campaign” on the fundraising page, giving you the option to showcase it on various social media platforms.

Make sure to include clarity involving the organization, why you are sharing it, what personal attachment you may have to the charity, why you donated, and why you believe others should donate, too.

4. Start a Campaign of Your Own

Starting your own campaign for your favorite charity is another way to support a cause, and Donor360 makes it easy. A Donor360 campaign allows you to choose the charity you want to help, name your campaign, add details and photos, pick out products, and more. Within a few simple steps, you can set up a successful online campaign and share it with your prospective supporters. Start your account with Donor360 to begin. 

Make sure to include the organization's mission and values, as well as what they are doing and why it’s important. Transparency and compelling storytelling will allow others to hop on board more readily. Your personal connection to the charity is something very important to share and will drive others to listen, encouraging them to get involved. Donor360 provides a platform for you to do just that.

5. Share Your Campaign on Social Media

Since the pandemic, people are spending increasingly more time on the internet, boosting screen-time across the globe. When you start a campaign of your own, utilizing social media is important. Again, social media is powerful and should be taken advantage of when the goal is to spread awareness. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, sharing your personal campaign with your followers will widen your reach and support as a whole. Through marketing your campaign in this way, you are also motivating others to start campaigns with their own networks in support of charities. 

It’s important to be consistent and clear when posting on social media. Uploading a photo or video on your platforms once a day is an appropriate amount to start with, and you can track what times are best to post in order to increase traffic within your analytics. When you post online, inform your audience clearly and efficiently, include relevant details without overwhelming your followers, provide real-time updates, and make it intriguing!

The Need is Greater Now More than Ever

It can be difficult to know how to support charities during this unprecedented time, but Donor360 is trying to make it as easy as possible! Although charities are undergoing challenges, they and their supporters must learn to adapt accordingly through finding new ways to receive support from their advocates and provide support to those they serve. 

Now is the time to get involved in online campaigning when charities need it most. Help your favorite charity today by starting a campaign today with Donor360 or by donating to one already in action!


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Donor360 is a turnkey ethical eCommerce platform that enables charities and their advocates to fundraise by vending organic and Fair Trade products to conscious consumers.


5 Alternatives to Volunteering During Covid-19
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